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I personally love Uri Geller. People have suspected he's a fraud and shown how his tricks can be duplicated, however, nobody has actually been able to prove that he IS using a certain technique to replicate spoon bending. I recommend watching the documentary on his secret life if you're still skeptical. But I love Uri Geller, Joe McMoneagle, and Pat Price. They are all former members of the STARGATE project, created by the CIA, to use psychic spies during the Cold War. The results have been mixed, and the government claims that they stopped using it due to low success results. However, despite that, these psychic spies I named have repeatedly been successful. Not only that, but ESP tests have shown several test subjects to display extraordinary abilities above chance. The only reason the government may have publicly rejected them is perhaps because they aren't perfect, and these operations have little margin for error.

However, some evidence has given room to conspiracy theories around whether the government may still be secretly using these spies to locate wanted suspects, and aren't reported: For one thing, it was only declassified after the public had caught wind of it around 1995. Uri Geller and Joe McMoneagle are two former STARGATE agents who have also claimed that the government once again asked them for help after 9/11, so it's possible that they are still using psychics at least to a certain extent. We all know that governments may go to great extents to fight a national enemy/uphold national defense.
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