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Oh, there's GOOD energy sources everywhere - artistic paintings, sculptures, performance art. Sex is especially good, but hey, if you aren't hunting for that, maybe you've been deliberately undereducated and kept ignorant by your masters? :)

Great outdoors and sitting under a tree watching the world go by are maybe the easiest ways to gain mind energy.

Sure, there's arseholes out there who will give you a hard time if you let them - they are basically robbing YOUR energy by bullying and intimidation. Because, they worked out, they got fitter and stronger, and they can.

The universe isn't some kind of Hollywood movie with a polically correct ending and a well timed ice cream break. It's messy, conjectural, everybody and everything has but one primary driving instinct...

... survival. Hey, you don't have to STOP on that instinct, but you have a body, as well as a mind, and if you don't look after your body (vehicle for the soul) then it will rebel on you.
Beware virii that hide in signatures. Nasty, nasty hackers out there. Usually they appear in Personal Messages, not on a forum.

You think I don't know. Well, maybe you're wrong. Maybe I'm wrong.

But assuming you are always right always puts you in the wrong.

Because assume just makes an ass of u and me.
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