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Project Sano : Psionics and Ascendancy Video Game

Hello all!

This post is just to put out a notice that my team and I have been working on a game that follows the path of what we call "The Awakened" on their journey of discovery in the aftermath of an Earth Ascension. This process was started when a cataclysm turns the Earth into a very different place, something akin to a Pole Shift mixed with the story of what the planet Nibiru does to our world ever so often. Obviously, in the wake of such a scenario, there would be turmoil.

What we rarely hear about is what happens after. In this story, which is actually what I believe to be based on a true story, not only is the world hit by a physical storm, but it's also hit by several spiritual ones as well. For example, a host of "chosen" people who have dedicated their lives to learning about psionics, magics, and the supernatural. These people have lived their lives knowing that there was something more, and that there may be a Veil keeping them from experiencing the fullness that they instinctively remember. The Awakened are also the Players, as you find yourself raptured away during this Ascension process to meet with Source (aka, God) and your guardian angels (beings who were actually living on another world under the influence of what is now happening to Earth. They knew this was coming.)

Returning to Earth, you find the place populated not with humans or human settlements, but monsters of all types, ruins of cities, strange new ways of interacting (gravity is just density, the Earth is part of a huge plane and is not floating in space, psionics and magic are now unlocked and there is no Veil to safeguard the realm, nor to limit it). You are tasked with living in this new world and restoring humanity, helping the survivors (many who were not Awakened, but were on the verge of it and will be learning some abilities of their own) and discovering the hidden truths of the last 2000+ years that were hidden from you beneath structures like the Vatican, Times Square, Hollywood, the Pyramids of Giza, and many others.

This is an MMORPG so this game will be vast and there will be much to do. I want to create something that does what games of the early 2000's did like Ragnarok Online, (Vanilla) World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, but I want it to have some of the improvements of newer games. This way, we can avoid the pitfalls of the newer games (endgame driven, lack of coherent storyline, finish with it quickly) while maintaining the benefits (better graphics, learning from the mistakes of previous games, allowing for plenty of content for different types of people at different levels of commitment).

Currently, I have done all of the writing for the first few chapters of the storyline. I've had a team of artists whose sole purpose was to draw landscapes and characters for the continent of Africa already submit several drawings that are absolutely wonderful, which I'd be happy to show here or direct you to our game page.

What I'd like to accomplish here is find artists who are interested in drawing characters, landmarks, monsters, creating spells, spell animations, items and weapons and armors, people who like to draw or create cool effects, people who like coding things on computers, etc. etc. This is truly a grassroots effort that I have paid out of my own pocket for and I will continue paying out of my pocket for until we have enough material for a Kickstarter. If we become large enough, the goal is to have our own studio and really build this game into something beautiful. If not, I will submit our work (to everyone's credit, we make sure that people get paid for what they do and get credit for their submissions) to a video game studio of good repute and see if they will fund this project.

So let me know what you're good at and if you have the time to draw and create with us! My job is the main story, the music composition, and to be the general director for the game. I need lots of help!
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