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Originally Posted by Golden Psi View Post
Anyhow, policing psionics shouldn't really be done, in my opinion. It is a natural ability of the mind, and taking away something natural is wrong. It's like if I cut off your arm because you might commit a robbery; that's not really my right.
I agree on the policing of it shouldn't be done, and leaning more towards what Pat McDonald said: "Now, encouraging people to 'do the right thing' - that's the way forward." They have a right to their natural ability, but maybe at least nudge them towards a more positive reason to practice. Like you said, "Most of the time, those who get far enough in psionics to do any damage are of good intent." Most of the time. That still might mean there would be those few individuals who would want to use it for the wrong reasons. Would said people really be anything to worry about?

And I didn't actually know a psion could shut down another psion's abilities. But like you said, doing that just seems, to me, to be wrong.

Originally Posted by Constructman View Post
The question shouldn't be should but how. How do you monitor abilities? The only way to regulate use of psi is to either seal them or to brainwash them.
Hm, that's a good question, I hadn't thought of that. I don't think there's any real to 'keep tabs' on everyone. And, to be perfectly honest, the 'brainwashing' option isn't really that far fetched. Many people, whether for positive or negative reasons to wanting to use it, don't believe that anything psionics related is possible. It wouldn't really take all that much to tell them that it's not, it would really be more of confirming their own beliefs.

Originally Posted by Constructman View Post
On your other note, any type of power can corrupt. People are quite susceptible to misuse their capabilities. For me, it's anger. Often times when I'm mad, I get tempted to do this (although I would fail miserably if I tried; nobody is this powerful).
Another point that I agree with, it's not just psionics, any power can corrupt someone. But how would one go about being less corruptible by said power? To keep that person on a well-intended path? Or is there no way to escape said corruption?

Originally Posted by Pat McDonald View Post
In a word... nah.

Everyone controls themselves.

The idea of one set of elite psions bullying everyone else into behaviour conformity is silly. What a COLLOSAL waste of energy.

Now, encouraging people to "do the right thing" - that's the way forward.
You have a point. Everyone that I know of so far that is practicing psionics has been pretty good intended and matured. Encouraging to at least "do the right thing" is a lot more feasible than said "elite psions bullying everyone". And it's sounds a lot better, too.

Originally Posted by Pat McDonald View Post
Beating people with a stick to get them to toe the line - with this stuff? You got to be kidding.
Well, I thought to bring it up, as different people I brought it up to have had a couple of different views on the subject.
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