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Feech Log

Experiment began Nov.18th, 2013
I will be journalling my experiences with the being known as Feech/FCH. I have been meaning to get to this for awhile now, ever since a report of him showing up on /x/ that was indicative of a dream I had about a year or so ago(will post later). Going to try to remain as skeptical as possible during the experience, but it might prove hard as Twi has expectations that something is going to happen. Any commentary from Twilight will be marked in brackets []. Should also note Twilight is my tulpa that was created January 23,2013. This log will be posted on Psionguild, ShiftedPerspectives, as well as other psionics/spiritual websites I come across. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong category.

The reported mark of Feech(picture/s attached) is placed on the inner right leg halfway between the ankle and the knee joint, this was chosen as it was the flattest, toughest, and easiest part of my body to draw on while the mark can still be concealed by a pant leg.

Day 1: I should note that the mark was placed on my leg before beginning this log, and nothing happened that day(which is this day); though it was placed on my body an hour before sleep. No immediate reaction besides Twi saying she felt like something was going to happen. Probably just placebo.
Dreams: Nothing out of the usual dreams, can't really remember any dreaming or they were quickly forgotten after waking. This is what usually happens when I sleep though.
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