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OTHER Schools of thought?

Since the previous thread wandered a bit astray...reposting this, and hoping for more answers from different folks.

Part of the original site, but left alone for a while due to the lack of alternative schools being used by teachers, it's finally time to bring it back.

Now that we have more than a couple of teachers, many of whom have different ideas about the foundations of psionics, and how psionics works, it's time for folks to state their origin theories and help students to understand where various teachers are coming from.

So, folks who teach classes, or have written more than one article:

Please provide just a paragraph (or more, if you want) explaining how you think psionics works, what it is, and any other details you think are significant (things that make your school of thought different from others). If you created it yourself, let us know that--if you got it from somewhere else (or largely from somewhere else), let us know from whom, or where.

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