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Parenting and Children Discuss raising psi-active children, psi-related activities for kids, and more.

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Funny, I seem to remember that happening with other psi adults. >_>

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well most of the adults I know are just kids... only taller
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Well I am sorry to know that. I am sure you will have to spend much time for the best solution.
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I would try taking the line with the child that's the time and place for everything and some answers are more appropriate to some situations that others. When asked why, I would try to point out that some people are scared by such displays and will blame the child for their own confusion...

... I'm not convinced on its own such a conversation would have the desired result but I think that ultimately the child will have to control themselves anyway, and if they can understand the reasons why they might practise such self control. Sometimes, anyway.

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Originally Posted by boone View Post
I need some advice on how to handle an 8 year old that can make things float, and also make visible light appear out of no where. How do i teach him how to control it.
You should first videotape it and upload it somewhere. Either or YouTube. Then link to it.
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