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Fluff and Flights of Fancy Is it absurd, "out there", vanishingly unlikely, ridiculous, or logically a bit questionable? Here's where it goes!

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I want others opinion on this system.

I'm writing a story and in it when something dies it goes to a place that slowly tears it apart. In order to stay alive they have to eat others and after awhile some escape to live again. But some give in, and want to die. They all group up in one spot because more energy in one area means more loss of energy. One character can grab these souls and bind them to a body with a task to do. The creature will to it so it can die. What do you think this creature should be called, and is there any mythology similar?
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Sounds like a necromancer,pure and simple. Technically the real thing is boring by comparison to fiction,and has high consequences for practicing their craft. (death energy ages you,and increases your chances of getting rare diseases)
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