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So i was just reading a book one day an as my thumb was at a page i started to see aura, so kinda glowing effect, now i am wondering is it possible to create a beam of light or some sort of light from your hand, you know like a flashlight in the dark??
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Pat McDonald
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All my opinion BUT...

Technically people emit EMR all the time, including photons.

Ambient light is normally too bright too see it - yes, if you were stark naked at the bottom of a coal mine then you MIGHT generate enough light for the eye to register.

Having a natural effect like that, competing with technological was to generate light, isn't realistic in most situations.
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psi seeker 34
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Yes it's possible, it takes a lot of practice but it is possible.
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Great Soul
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I have been working on light generation for a long time. I had some results in July 2013 generating a series of golden sparks in a small area that lasted a second but was soft light.

Trying to design something that does that is much more difficult. Spacetime randomly emits and absorbs electromagnetic radiation called quantum fluctuations of a vacuum. For the past for months I have been working on how generate light. The designs of mine have gradually evolved into using psi to alter the quantum fluctuation rate for a given space to emit light. No consciously designed and implemented construct yet.

This was posted by me 11/27/2012:
Originally Posted by Macman View Post
Except for the fact that getting a construct to flare reliably is extremely difficult.
It took 6 months to get a reflective psi ball that was physically visible by unconscious development. It took 7 months to get an accidental light generating psi ball using unconscious development. I am now on month 11 of psi interaction with electromagnetic radiation research and it is hard, slow, challenging consciousness development.
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