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Alcohol detox treatment - Need advice!

Hi! I am 30 years old. This is the first time I am writing in a forum. I need your help and advice for quitting my alcohol addiction. I lived with my mom and my stepfather. I never knew my biological father. My mom told that he died of cancer when I was 1 year old. After his death, she married an abusive alcoholic. I swore I would never become an alcoholic like him. But a few years back my mom died and I started drinking more heavily after that. I never drunk during the day, but I had to have alcohol at night to fall asleep. Later, I became addicted to it and started drinking during daytime also. I lost my job because of my excessive drinking. My friends advised me to quit my drinking. I tried to quit it several times but I always fell back into my old habits. I quit drinking two weeks ago and I lay awake at night unable to sleep. It seems I can't quit my habit on my own. So one of my friends suggested undergoing alcohol detox from Vancouver. I am planning to visit the clinic tomorrow. How effective is this treatment? Any success stories to share?
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? You're asking us like we visit Canadian detox centres a lot?

No treatment can be more effective than you want it to be. So, you got to want it to work.

Bottom line is, you've got to want being "normal" better than you like being drunk. Which isn't easy. So, I suggest you research other ways to have fun and party... not so easy, but find something you really enjoy that isn't getting drunk, the usual rabbit hole you are used to going down to avoid life's pain.

Personally, I when I "go downtown" I usually hit a dancefloor, put on a trancer blindfold, and dance. Occasional water stops to refresh myself. Obviously that might not work for you, you need a LOT of self confidence to wear a blind fold in public on a dancefloor.

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