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REPOST: Curious...

Hold all of your energy in. All of it -- make sure you're not projecting anything for a short while.

"Modify" the patterns in it if you can, and then release. Do this with a partner so they can tell you what happens, if anything.


Alternatively, hold your energy in as best as you can, and as long as you can, and get someone to try to scan you.


Post your results for either experiment here.

what do you mean by 'hold in'?

By that I mean "stop your energy from moving around so much" or "stop projecting your energy." I'm assuming that can be done, I suppose...

I tried something similar a few months ago. I usually don't hold on to excess energy whether I want to or not, but when I did try this by holding it with nervous system/biofeedback charges, the release happened when someone touched me.

I'm still not sure what you mean...using a shield to prevent your field from dissipating? What sort of pattern should you put in or change?

Bennu -- what did it do after release? Did you feel a change?

WingedWolf -- if you're using a shield, keep it very, very close to the skin, and try to use as little energy in the shield itself as possible because that'll dissipate as well. What I really intended was a much more natural process, like holding your breath.

I guess I don't understand. : \

Originally Posted by FxChiP
Bennu -- what did it do after release? Did you feel a change?

I had good physical energy for a while so used it for a very productive day. I didn't do much psi related except try to pin down what the other person felt and in detail and see if it matches what I felt when doing the charging and holding.

I have to admit that I do like the way it makes me feel and continue to do it off and on. Currently, after an hour or so, I send it into shields, a construct if needed, or catch up on PK practice. Just so it's used more productively.

My goal for doing this is to fine tune control because I used to have a tendacy to fling energy around for no real reason.
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