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Newbie Questions This forum is for new members (or anyone, really) to ask "beginner" questions about anything psi-related.

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psi seeker 34
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Psychc training manual

The same questions keep getting asked over and over. So why not make a book for the basic abilities. These are the skills that most everybody should be able to use and learn.

This should help establish a foundation from which to develop and grow on.
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Just out of curiosity, what is the organization (referred to as The Company) that the training manual continuously refers to?
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Pat McDonald
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Originally Posted by DarkLight2269 View Post
Just out of curiosity, what is the organization (referred to as The Company) that the training manual continuously refers to?

I do not know for sure because I didn't write it.

Here in the UK, the term "The Firm" is used as slang to describe the Foreign Office's "Secret Intelligence Service".

Likewise, in the USA, the term "The Company" is used as slang to describe the Federal Central Intelligence Service.

Both are holdovers from the time of corporate medieval mercenary behaviour in terms of 100 years war between Britain and France, also Swiss wars, also Italian city state wars, Crusades, etc etc etc.

It probably isn't the CIA, they have a big budget for that sort of manual.
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