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Food and Beverage Recipes, nutrition information pertinent to psions, etc.

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Masupups The Unfeasible
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Question Regarding Blood Sugar

Strangely enough, I of all hyperactive people actually had a serious blood sugar drop, making me incredibly tired and inactive. I eventually turned it around with some sweets and good food, but during that low time, when I was awake enough to do anything, Psionic things didn't come to me very well. This may be obvious as to why, being weak in that regard. But my curiosity got me wondering if anyone else had similar experiences with low blood sugar, if it is severe as it could possibly be, or if anyone knows some ways of countering low blood sugar in a beneficial way for PSI training.
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The immortal
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Just eat tons of ice cream and just don't let the low energy effect you just take a nap then run for a second not too long though or it will have the opposite effect
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Ice cream or other things made of sugar are not the best ones: They rise the blood sugar fast to high and then it comes down, leaving you even worse condition.

What I'd suggest is eating good breakfest and have at least 5 meals a day which each contains vitamins, protein and fiber. Also I suggest having breaks, especially if you feel like it. If you're tired, take a nap (coffeine isn't good for everyone, so I wouldn't suggest it).

Also physical excercising is good to keep the blood sugar stable (of course it drops it, but in longer scale it keeps to stable it).

Also there could be a chance of diabetes, but as symptoms there would also probably be tiredness, thirst, maybe pains in stomach area... If you're concerned, you should visit a doctor.

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