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Alternatives to coffee

Hey, I had my teeth whitened from a dental clinic, which offers dental cleaning services in Toronto. The dentist has asked me to limit the usage of coffee and other food items that can stain the teeth.

I was a coffee addict and I limited the usage of coffee for the past few weeks. Last day, I had coffee from a friend's house and since then, I have a huge craving for coffee. I tried my best to control my cravings. But, I failed.

I suffer from diabetes too and it is the high time to avoid the usage of coffee. It is staining my teeth, as well as worsening my diabetes.

Is there any alternative to coffee? I have to be awake at late night during exam time. At that time, coffee was really an energy booster. Is there any other beverage with which I can replace coffee? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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It is not easy to find a direct replacement, in terms of a drink containing legal stimulants to boost heart and breathing rates.

First step to quitting is to limit the time at which you consume coffee - morning time only, stop by noon at the latest, scrub the residue off (leaving it on worsens stains).

If you can do that (and it's hell to change personal habits) then you might one day quit. Likewise, if you half a cut off time in the evening beyond which you don't eat or drink, then you will reach sleep earlier.

One strategy is to invest in a blender and do fruit / vegetable smoothies instead. That way you are not adding sugar, but still getting a natural sugar hit (without the caffeine). It's grown in popularity a lot, because smoothies actually taste good. They also let you experiment a lot, so you can try different additives to see how they affect the final result.

Green tea is the all around best alternative, but if you can't stomach the taste, it's just not an alternative.

Key factor here - getting your body clock back to the point where you go to sleep earlier and wake earlier.

There are herbal stimulants out there (chard, kat) but I have no idea if you are able to access them - and that's the sort of product I would NOT buy over the internet, I'd pick my own locally. And they don't taste very nice, you chew them, swallow the juice, spit out the stems.

The absolute worst method is to develop a meth-amphetamine habit. Sure, you won't sleep very much, but your teeth will rot even quicker ('phet replaces calcium irons in teeth and bones) and you will get psychoses / freak out moments too.
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