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Ye Olde Proof of Psi Discussion Discuss proof for or against the existence of psionics. This type of discussion does not belong anywhere else on the forums.

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Originally Posted by Daimon View Post
You know, Void, for someone arguing that Psi isn't real and can not be proven, you sure write a whole bunch on a *psi specific forum*..
I never said that. I said that the effects of psi CAN be proven due to them being observed empirically. I made that point in my above post. Sensory impingement, when the physical five senses have been muffled and the target being placed outside of the range of the physical senses, points to something going on. The correlation is between the target, sensory data, and the mind minus physical senses, therefore, there is something going on. The data would be the observation of this happening alongside that correlation. If there is a physical system that is biased, or skewed, in correlation with the intention of the person, minus anything else creating that effect, that is data empirically gathered that leads to a correlation between the consciousness of the person, intention, and that physical system. To test the thing which causes it, one would replicate the observed effect seeing which variable is necessary. Since the mind is a necessary thing, it is accurate to say that the mind causes the correlation between sensory impingement and the biasing of physical systems, so the mind is doing it in other words.

It would not do to assume something with no evidence or data to work with. Every assumed thing is built on evidence which can be tested. I never said psi was not real and can not be proven. In fact, I am saying the opposite. Psi is real because its effects can be seen and observed in an objective and empirical way. That being the case, a person who claims to have psychic abilities should be able to produce it, otherwise, the claim is fraudulent and the person is a fake. I am also talking about people who make claims with no evidence to back it up with evidence being it observed and recorded objectively in reality.

I approach psi from a totally scientific perspective in which nothing is assumed to be true or not true without data. When I say prove it, I am saying manifest the claimed effect in reality in such a way that it can be recorded and measured without anything else contributing to the effect besides the thing claimed.

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Blah blah blah...
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We appreciate your deep and meaningful contributions to the thread, Nervous.
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Of course. :)

If you want my imput; (Other then my lack of caring on the subject of proving psi is real.)
No one person's gunna prove psi, or any of the possiably real paranormal things. If it ever is proven, people have argued over it for centuries...

And if you don't want it, just reffer to my previous post. :P
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I agree with Pavlov. Science as a field is just extremely slow moving because everyone who has already come up with their little piece of contribution, formulated their theorem, and spent their life writing papers on it, is going to defend to the death their idea against any new idea, regardless of how close either idea is to some "universal truth."

Science isn't so much "Hey, I just made a brilliant discovery! Look at all this superbly solid data I have to back it up!" and everyone being awestruck and immediately incorporating it into their paradigm, as it is someone making an observation, coming up with a unique theory about it, and people arguing points until the general consensus basically is overwhelmed by work backing it up, or run out of counterpoints (or it dies). Both of which take a reeealllllyyy long period of time, the only difference being that the first usually ends up as a law, the latter tends to remain a theory.
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