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Chronic Physical Disabilities Support Information and discussions on chronic health problems and disabilities.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Exciting new research

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Chronic Fatigue

The first article was relating chronic fatigue and the autonomic nervous system because of heart rate changes during sleep.

The second was complicated with something to do with hypersensitivity, cognition, and immune responses to psychological/physiological stimulus.

The last was brain chemistry that I need to research more. Something about a chemical in the brain that gets blocked from preventing cellular oxidation.

Did I miss anything?

These articles give me some ideas like controlling my heart rate to sleep better. When I affirm my immune system, I have slept better compared to project development sleep.

Brain chemistry is subtle and I need to figure out what to do with this fight or flight thing in brain chemical response. If quantum computers can have a superposition state of combined 1's and 0's, then why not adapt the brain to have a combined fight and flight response? How to implement this idea in brain chemistry has eluded me, any ideas?
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This interests me a lot actually. I've never taken the time to speak with a doctor about this but I've noticed throughout my life I've been a very tired person. I get addicted to caffeine within one cup because of the increase of energy that it gives me. Takes normally about a week for me to get over that craving. I'm not sure if I have CFS but, by the basic research I've done, I could. (Then again, you go to Google to find the root of your symptoms and all the sudden you have stage-3 cancer or something right? haha ) Nothing severe, but enough to where I find my self sleeping a lot. Exercise of course has helped but I'm still irritated at the fact I can't meditate late at night because I just pass out. The dizziness only happens every so often, possibly, and most probably due to what my doctor assumes is hypoglycemia.

If anybody else has similar traits or has been diagnosed with CFS I'd like to know how it's affected you psionicly, it'd be very interesting to see it's affects.
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I don't have chronic fatigue syndrome.

I am just naturally a very, very lazy person.

Which can be useful at times, but generally speaking, doesn't help with completion of tasks.
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