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Newbie Questions This forum is for new members (or anyone, really) to ask "beginner" questions about anything psi-related.

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precession of the equinox

Greetings all I'm new to the forum's and I come to the website in hope of some help and guidance as I'm not sure where to turn to now...

I'm not sure where else to begin.... I'm an engineering student and electrician by trade so some may find what I might say as dull or boring but I find learning to be a favorite activity of mine... so I decided to learn about the phi ratio applying how sacred geometry and numbers all work together ... now this became a 3 day obsession... as if anyone takes it upon themselves to learn about how ph, phi , pi and tao works with sacred geometry works together will know what I'm talking about.. well needless to say it felt like my brain was SPLITTING in half however the third night I believe it was March 20th I was awoke abruptly in the middle of the night looking through the eyes of another as if I was channeling an ascended master because the things i was doing .. nothing damaging or anything and the things I knew I didn't know before .. mind you that whole night I was literally doing yoga in the middle if the night .... but ever since this whole 7 day event ... I feel more energy then I ever did before.... any one else had any similar experiences.... there's A LOT more to this story but it all felt surreal and I'm still unsure what the hell I experienced
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"Epiphany". Kind of religious, really mind bending experience.

Welcome to the Guild, it's that sort of strange mind-to-mind contact that gets people interested in the area of mind powers.

Personally, my own take on that is that it's "you" in the future telling "you" in the present of a fork in your path that can lead into the future "you"...

... I mean, if I was an "ascended master" or whatever, I feel I could find much better things to do than get in touch with a complete knobwit like myself, 18 years ago... But that's conjectural.

It's pretty difficult to be sure with all this time/space bending and information going backwards in time/space, am I sure? Hmmm... more sure than I was.

I just learned to accept the crazy coincidences rather than worry and fret about them. That's my bottom line, I can't know for sure and I don't feel that going nutty worried is the best course of action to tricky questions.

If you are really INTO how nature can be modelled with maths, this book is really REALLY good... The model isn't nature, as such, and it's a very heavy book to study, but I found it very helpful as a foundation for how living biologicals can be shaped using maths...
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