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Parenting and Children Discuss raising psi-active children, psi-related activities for kids, and more.

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Also prudent to mention I created random imaginary friends that did things for me. It wasn't disturbing though.
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My oldest son who is now 6 was IMO highly telepathic very early on. He didn't really start to talk until he was almost 3 and although he has other issues going on ( or related ones possibly) telepathy was alot more obvious before he learned to speak. I dont know if its just the parent/child bond, my own abilities, or his specifically. Each of my children have been very different from each other, and yet my oldest stands out in this regard from the others. Diagnosed as PDD-NOS at 2.5yrs ( read autism but dont know what type yet) and now with ADHD. He often speaks as if English is a second language even after the years of speech therapy.

He broadcasted ( and still does) his emotions, thoughts, wants, and needs quite clearly very early and in alot of situations with other adults I would find myself asking them how they didnt understand what he meant when he always came through so clear to me. I see him do it in social situations now where he is still lacking the ability to navigate with his peers. It was 2 or 3 years before I could even open my eyes to go to the bathroom and not immediately feel him tune into me and wake up in the next room, it would have been funny if it soo wasnt. I actually had to shield from him eventually just to get to sleep through the night when he was around 2. If he knew I was awake he would immediately scream for me. I felt he did not understand that I was not a part of him and it would take him hours to go back to sleep. It was heartbreaking to feel his confusion. Its only the past year or so that he is doing well with sleeping on his own. He may be picking up on things I am unaware of.

We are in a new house and I had the hardest time ever getting my room painted. Wrong color, paint spill, another paint spill, ugh. I had a passing thought of maybe someone doesnt really want me to paint this room, but I shrugged it off as paranoid thinking. Kaiden informed me that the lady doesnt like the color of the room. Now did he get that from my thinking it or someone else Im not seeing? /shrug He occasionally will say something liek this, stumps everyone and super randomly he brings it up. Just to be clear, he almost never , ever , says random things like this even to just tell me about his day at school. He has strange limitations to what he realizes he can share so for him to just say something, it stands out.
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I am raising 7 children with talents. My best advice is to allow them to be as normal as possible. Teach them Psi talents as they come and if you are not a teacher find one near you.

Kids are kids and growing up is hard but a psi kid has so many more things to deal with than a normal kid.

Psi talent goes back in my family for as long as can be remembered and teaching starts at the same age as walking. If you wait till there a teen you can hurt their progress. You must keep their minds open to the universe and all it holds.
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creating imaginary friends and fantasy lands never seemed so plausible from when I was a small child. Unfortunately I was ejected roughly from my childhood wonder with torment and bla bla bla different page, but now the things I made as a little child don't sound too fantasticly fictitious.
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My psi abilities manifested in my early teens, as did my brother's. My mother and maternal great grandfather were/are apparently born on or at least partial as well. Although I'm the first one (that I know of) to actually train my gifts, it is always accepted as valid in my family when someone has a premonition or prophetic dream.
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Best advice--keep them protected, so they won't have traumatic experiences that may cause blocking. Be open with them about it. Be matter-of-fact about it. Begin training them when they're READY--when they're actually interested. Keep lessons simple, short, and fun--they are kids, not adults, and won't have the attention span to endure long practice sessions.

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I started developing abilities at age three, and grew quite advanced as a child. My parents never knew a thing about it, and still don't. I cannot speak directly to the issue of parenting, as I am not a parent of any sort, however, I can say from the child's perspective, if the parent knows of it, but has little experience in the field, the best course would be to simply keep tabs privately on their progress, and make sure that the child isnt doing anything potentially self-harmful, or harmful to others.

If the parent has a degree of skill, I think education and training would be in order, once the child becomes mature enough.
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I'm 12 and unlike what seems like most of you, I never had psi abilities as a child I believe although I've had many moments of jey javu. I now believe I have psi abilities but maybe weaker than most of you guys. I have had 1 moment of telekineses, I was trying it and I would have swore it was shaking and fell back a bit. I don't seem to be very responsive to psi though but that might be because I've only trained for 2 days. I can make a psi ball quite quickly for some reason but if I program it to stay, I can't sense the shape or link to it, can anyone do a scan on me?
If anyone could scan me please private message me. I would like some info on my abilities.
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