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Introductions Introduce yourself--tell a bit about yourself, and your interests. Do try to make it more interesting than just "hi, I'm here". ;)

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ScientiaOmnisEst is an unknown quantity at this point
"Non"-born, curious beginner

Hello. I've just begin to learn about psionics and there doesn't seem to be much info for total beginners, so I've been lurking around here. At the moment my main intersts are empathy, telepathy, and maybe more advanced abilities (PK sounded interesting until I realized it's more a talent than a trainable thing, and constructs sound interesting...but I can barely sense energy or clear my mind, so I'm not even thinking about that seriously yet).

I have a friend who I think might be an empath of some kind, and apparently I'm the only person he's never been able to get a read on. We're not sure what that means about me, but I felt like throwing out there. *shrugs*

Anyway, hello!
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Post Welcome and stuff

Hi ScientiaOmnisEst,
According to KMiller and my own research psionics is bioplasma. Photons are pseudo particles generated by two or more light rays going in the same direction. The human body is made of atoms exchanging valence electrons with each other. A flow of electrons generates electromotive force which I believe is the basis of pk and electromagnetic fields. Any two or more electromagnetic fields (generated by exchange of valence electrons in chemistry of the body) going in the same direction will generate pseudo particles giving the entire body a pseudo particle field due to metabolic activity. This is my definition of bioplasma.

Psi energy itself according to my research is more interesting. Roger Penrose had a theory called orchestrated order. Most of his theory has been disproven except quantum vibration generated by protein structures and quantum superposition of spatial units. Particles and spatial units communicate in spin states as shown by Bose-Einstein condensates. Bose-Einstein Condensates occur near absolute zero in these condensates particles in atoms and space between atoms act as a single quantum state. According to my research the protein structure of the body generates quantum superposition between units of space fusing them into a spin network throughout the body that fuses spatial units into spin structures that get absorbed into mass field of the universe to make particles.

Empathy is reading the pseudo-particle field of the body and broadcasting to it with your own pseudo particle field. Telepathy is reading spin network of the body and communicating to the spin network of other bodies. Pk is making use of electromotive force by the pseudo-particle field of people and the spin network of people. The pseudo-particle field as the magnitude of force as well as the spatial spin network as the vector. It is trainable and you probably have a strong psionic.

Constructs are pseudo-particle fields sustained by quantum superposition reactions generated by spin state structures. Just think of something you want as a construct, use weion from psion guild glossary, and experiment.
Psionics is a relative dimension in Psychokinesis of Psions.

Words that are useful are for those; to whom that are worthy, to whom that they chose.
Psions are that which Psions are for life is that which life is.

Truth is the only source for free energy.
Patterns are patterns because of how they make use of information to define energy.

I am a psionist and general pain-in-the-ass-to-understand. This humorously speaking and literal all too often. If I don't make sense, then this is your friendly reminder to tell me to be more intuitive.
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