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Introductions Introduce yourself--tell a bit about yourself, and your interests. Do try to make it more interesting than just "hi, I'm here". ;)

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Thank you

Hello, and thank you for accepting me as a member. I feel very fortunate to have, by happenstance, found this wealth of information and support. I do also feel that perhaps I was found, in my dire need. Again, thank you.

About myself; I am a young widowed mother of three children-17, 12, 10. We are natural born empaths, and have other abilities as well, though we are still assessing and defining them. I, myself, am clairvoyant as well as empathic, and have many abilities I have yet to define. More than anything else, I am very sensitive to energy, also my five senses are exceedingly acute, and can be used interchangeably. I have always felt like a freak, being very intelligent and gifted in my youth, I grew up without friends or love other than false manipulative "caring" from "my beloved mother" and other leeches. I have a beautiful motley family of "freaks" who may not all be "related" genetically, but we are kin.

I cannot lie, I have tried.
🌹 Have a beautiful day...
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Pat McDonald
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Welcome. Hope you find the place handy.
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