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Introductions Introduce yourself--tell a bit about yourself, and your interests. Do try to make it more interesting than just "hi, I'm here". ;)

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Hey folks!

Whats up everyone?
So, let's start from the beggining
Since I was a kid I feel things when people is around me... Like, just by being around me, even if I don't know them, some people make me happy, some make me sad, some make me angry and the list goes on and on... I never had too much friends because of reasons I don't actually know, but I also never minded it too much, since all the boys were so worried about going to parties and festivals, kissing girls and doing things that normal teenagers do, and I was like "what? Why do anyone would like to go to a party full of people? Or kiss a girl that he/she never really had spoken with?"
You see, maybe I am just an antisocial and boring guy, but it is not that I don't like people... Being in a place loaded with people is like being in a roller coaster for me. Is like if I am happy, angry, excited, apprehensive, nervous, and a lot of other things all at once! It is not like if all that feelings took control over me also, but it is confusing and, to be fair, anoying.
The little ammount of friends I have (always the same ones, since ever) always told me I am a good adviser because I can understand how they feel so easily... My girlfriend sometimes get nuts with me because I always know how she is feeling when we talk, even when we are hundreds of miles away from each other just texting, and when I tell her it she says that didn't wanted me to know she was sad, because that would make me sad too... Also, I trust my intuition a lot, it usually don't fail me.

Sorry for the big text, but the thing is: for all my life I've felt those things, and then, for no particular reasons, I decided to research for anything that would help me to understand and maybe learn to control it, and then yesterday I got here, in The Psion Guild.
I know almost nothing about psi and all it's related things, but reading a little about it excited me. I don't know if I am some kind of born-on inclinned to Empathy or just a non that is a lot dramatic and emotional hahaha...
Here I seek to answer these questions and a lot of others, getting a little bit of understanding about who I am and how the psi energy works, and train myself to be more ballanced and maybe even help people with the knowledge and abilities that I can develop here!

Sorry for any mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker...
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