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Introductions Introduce yourself--tell a bit about yourself, and your interests. Do try to make it more interesting than just "hi, I'm here". ;)

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Smile Hello ladies & gentlemen.

I am a psychic-in-training and a slight scholar (if I wasn't too lazy in life).

My future will be in the Armed Forces, so learning how to control psi is a definite benefit (especially grounding, that will cure my stress for sure).

Some of my hobbies include tinkering with random mechanical/electrical items, computer engineering, etc etc. Overall, I'm just a very creative & curious person.

I have done a personality test (a real, accurate one); if you would like to see what I am like, please give it a look.

To put it simply (or if you don't trust random links), I am emotionally reactive and have a vivid imagination.
I've been training my psi manipulation for about a day now, and I've learned very quickly; but I'm all drained too, so I'll be resting for at least a day or two. I'm trying not to push any harder but my curiosity really is killing me.

So far, as of 7/25/17 , I can move psi to my dominant hand, I can guide it to my other hand through moving the energy through the air, and I am getting a very loose interpretation / feeling as to what grounding / centering is. It's very difficult as it is right now (for me at least).
All in one day.. I'm totally drained though.

My goal in the next week, a month at most, is to be able to master grounding/centering and be able to make an un-programmed psi ball.
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Pat McDonald
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Welcome to the Guild. Hope you find the place useful.

Originally Posted by Kon View Post
My goal in the next week, a month at most, is to be able to master grounding/centering and be able to make an un-programmed psi ball.
Very smart to have a goal. My gut instinct is that it's going to take a lot of acceptance and mind training to remain calm, for you. But, where you go and what you experience is your choice.

With that career path, it makes sense to have a shield to soak up the cynicism and hopelessless you will face. Smarter than just reflecting all the bad vibes back at your comrades. Panic is contagious, so is calm.

I'm guessing (not scanning) you either plan to go Marines >- Force Recon or if that's a bust, regular Army > Rangers and then either Delta or Green Berets. So about 3-4 years before you arriving at the start, if you plan on attempting the "pointy end" of the military.

Either is a VERY tough path, just a silly injury can bust up your plans. And nobody serves forever, don't think you will be in there "forever".

FYI, Lyn Buchanan is also a Texan. Although nowadays he's retired, based in New Mexico due to the amount of religious bigotry and intolerance he put up with in Texas. He too trained in computer programming and networking before being pulled into the (now defunct) project Stargate.

Some people do this stuff naturally. But most anyone can learn, if they are prepared to make the effort.
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