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Non-Psi Foundation Skills Meditation, Relaxation, Lucid Dreaming, Hypnosis, and other techniques and practices which are not psionic, but may aid in psi development.

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Active Relaxation

I thought I'd share a technique for relaxation I developed somewhat recently. I explain the whole process of my discoveries, and some effects, and then I do a step by step. If you're tired of reading, feel free to skip to the bottom.

I went to thinking, in general, we all know how to relax... Usually, we take deep breaths, let limbs drop, and stop moving. But there is much more to bodily control than a single macroscopic trigger like "relax." I thought, if I can play complex violin pieces with the ability to contract, there must be a deeper way to relax.

I took the idea of "astral hands." If you're not familiar, it's the idea of moving your energy body independently of your physical body... Almost like the muscle signals of charging, but following through to moving that part of your energy matrix. To learn, most sources propose that you lie your arm flat, and move it to the right, and then repeat until you have memorized that action, before repeating without physically moving (energy follows consciousness, etc., the same basis as psi).

I tried this with relaxation, instead. I held my arm's muscles as tightly as I could, and then consciously sent the signal to release them. I did this because while movement is conscious, relaxation is usually unconscious; if the subconscious can gain a better hold on physical movement during hypnosis, the conscious can learn to relax deeply instantly for physical sleep, deep meditation, and other altered states.

After some half hour of practice, I ingrained the "active relaxation" so that I could do it to my body as a whole, much like many here talk of concentrating in order to "charge." On the first go, I entered a deep meditative state (maybe even physical sleep) in record time, for me. After only occasionally relaxing my entire body, I never needed to refresh the practice, because I suppose my body and psyche found it beneficial to remember (supposedly the same way hypnosis suggestions become permanent). I found myself able to relax enough to see hypnagogic imagery with my eyes open, and recently was able to force anesthesia in my body while awake and sitting upright or standing relaxedly.

1. Set your arm upon a table, and then raise it approx. three inches.
2. Clench the muscles in your fist and forearm slowly, as tightly as you can.
3. Pause a moment to feel this state of tension physically and mentally.
4. Plan, in a few seconds, to relax your arm completely, and consciously.
5. Count from three to one, and then relax the arm, and let it drop, feeling the physical and mental sensation as viscerally as possible, trying to memorize what it's like to command your arm to relax as such.

6. Repeat.
7. Apply to other parts of your body.
8. Get this to a point where it's so natural, you can relax random bits of your body simultaneously, and even your whole body.

Try feeling out your emotions and applying the same process. I've had marginal success dealing with stress and anger. Applied to the mind, I've gotten immediate silence.

When I've done this to my entire body, my respiratory and cardiovascular systems are INSTANTLY taken over by my subconscious. This means I can feel myself breathing and not need to worry about affecting it; it is much slower and more relaxed. However my heart also slows down, which made me think... I wouldn't recommend actually trying this to your heart. Who knows.

I hope you all find this as useful as I have, and didn't just go tl;dr.

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Oh, I forgot to say... the eyes-open hypnagogic imagery state that I've been able to do with this was the same one I had when I had the coolest psychic experience EVER (for me).

I was in a room with no active airflow, closed doors, no other people or interruptions, and a covered mouth. To top it all off, I was under a closed stairwell next to a wall. I was three feet away from a psiwheel after about 2 hours when this hypnagogia happened on its own, and then the wheel abruptly started spinning in my INTENDED DIRECTION, faster and faster, for about 7 seconds until, I kid you not, it flew off of the wheel. It was about 2 inches wide laterally, and I'm guessing 3 or 4 rotations per second.

It might not be related, but if it is... That'd be awesome. Also, I've never really applied myself to this relaxation... and doubtless some of you are more industrious than I, so if anyone gets something like that... let me know.
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This technique is very effective. In medicine it is called "progressive relaxation".

here's a very similar list of directions. I like it, because it reminds me how much tension I hold in my face.

1. Foot - point and curl toes, turning foot inward
2. Calf - pull toes toward head, flexing foot
3. Thigh - push thigh muscles down, tensing muscles
4. Repeat for opposite foot, calf, and thigh
5. Stomach - contract stomach, making it as small and tight as possible
6. Chest, Shoulders, and Upper Back - pull shoulder blades back and together
7. Upper Arms - push elbow down
8. Hand and Forearm - make a tight fist
9. Repeat for opposite upper arm and hand
10. Neck and Throat - pull chin toward chest and keep it from touching chest
11. Jaw - bite hard and pull back corners of mouth
12. Cheeks and Nose - squint and wrinkle nose
13. Forehead - lift eyebrows as high as possible
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This is the same technique that I started to use when I was beginning to learn psionics, and it is still one of the most effective. After using this techniques for long enough, you eventually don't even have to follow the process, you just remember the sensation and your body melts.

Another method is energy reversal. If you know how to build psionic energy up in your body, do so, hold it for as long as possible, and release it, feeling it drain from every corner of your body. You get a floating sensation. This MAY also help in AP.
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This will be helpful, I am sure. Thank you for posting this.
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I know this is a necropost, but since it was a technique that I suggested, I'm interested in knowing if anyone has had beneficial psionic effects after practicing this technique, once or over time.

Thank you.
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