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Non-Psi Foundation Skills Meditation, Relaxation, Lucid Dreaming, Hypnosis, and other techniques and practices which are not psionic, but may aid in psi development.

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Binaural Beat help

Okay, so I'm a beginner at making binaural beats and need some help. From someone with personal experience, if you have sort of like a "Wake-up" sounds in sections of the song does greatly interrupt the brain wave pattern, or only by a Hz or 2? This is to alert the consciousness in order for it not to go to sleep. I'm trying to get in the brainwave theta with binaural beats and recognizing the effects of the brainwave. Once I've gotten in the brain wave I'll count from 3 to 1 and program myself that I will achieve a theta state by counting down. My 2nd question is that can I still follow the method (after, let's say a month of continuingly programming my Sub-C) after I stop using the music? Or is it only with the music then I can use the method with? I'm more of a tactile visualization person, so the stairsteps down into the brainwaves isn't my way to go.
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