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Non-Psi Foundation Skills Meditation, Relaxation, Lucid Dreaming, Hypnosis, and other techniques and practices which are not psionic, but may aid in psi development.

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Clearing your mind tips and tricks.

yeah, not sure where this really belongs since it's not really energy-working related per-se... but, it can greatly help in meditation which is one of those things that many suggest helps with clarity of mind and focus which can help with energy working.

so, if you have tips and tricks you use to help you clear your mind, feel free to share.

i'll start. for the longest time i had always had a hard time keeping my mind clear of errant thoughts which would distract me. it was almost like my ego was fighting since maybe it knew what was coming? dunno... but i learned this trick from an old meditation CD i listened to a while back and i'll pass it on here to see if it helps you.

there's the whole "okay... next?" method which is basicalyl relazing, calming and allowing your mind to go where it wants... when it comes across a thought, consciously go "okay." and will it to go past you and through you... kinda like telling a fidgety child "okay, we'll go get dinner when it's time to have dinner" and the child goes "okay..." and calms down.

then there's the whole "don't fight it" method. this one is a little trickier since if you have something that's on your mind, it tends not to work very well because your conscious mind, if it's worried or fretting about something, will tend to keep it at the forefront. but still... when you have a calm mind, if a thought creeps up, follow it through to it's end but don't pay conscious attention to it. the rationale behind this one is that if you fight it, you're giving it what "it" wants and that attention/intention/energy/whatever is only going to make it stronger (kinda like how constructs are shaped with thought.) to use a metaphor, it's like you're swimming in a rough river... if you let yourself get caught up with the panic or fear of drowning, you'r enot focusing on kicking your legs to keep your head above water (not sure if this will help but it might...)

so, your tips on clearing your mind... go go go!
"If you live with your head in the future you won't cherish what you have today and that's the greatest loss of all." -Lonely Planet Boy

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Thanks for the tips!

It's amazing what you can do with a clear mind.
"Never underestimate the stupidity of others."
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1. Sit down with your legs crossed, or in any other comfortable position.
2. Inhale and exhale deeply a couple of times.
3. Put your hands on the abdomenal area, and feel your abdomen moving as you inhale, and exhale.
3. When you inhale, state mentally whatever emotions or thoughts you encounter. If you encounter stress, then mentally say "stress" and just let it go. Do this for a while, and then start mentally stating your inhalations and exhalations. When you inhale, say "Inhale", when you exhale say "Exhale". You can also use the counting technique instead of this one, when you inhale mentally count 1, and when you exhale count 2. Do whatever suits you best (I've found the first technique to be more efficient). Do this until you feel like you can just be aware. Without thoughts, just being present, here and now.
4. Then stop saying anything, and be mentally silent.

This may be a little hard to achieve, and even the greatest minds can win only 4-5 seconds of total mental silence.
There is an easier technique for achieving mental silence. It can be very practical in everyday situations, and is most often used when an individual hasn't plenty of time to practice. The technique is simple, at least it looks simple. When you are doing something, drinking coffee, running, tidying up your room or anything else, fully concentrate on your actions, and observe the body movements. If done correctly, this will leave no room for thoughts to fit in.
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thanks for the info
information is power so why should I tell you?
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