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Suggestions Suggestions for future Guild research projects.

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Telepathic Repeaters

The government has an electromagnetic radiation based emergency broadcast system. The psions I know are technical professionals and entrepreneurs.

If every psion in the Psion Guild with telepathic skills were to act as a telepathic repeater in times of national or international crisis, then multiple fields of technical and business expertise could be coordinated for swift and coincidental resolution. It might be more profitable than government coordination and intervention.

I got the idea while using telepathy to teach dragonfly free to protect herself.
Psionics is a relative dimension in Psychokinesis of Psions.

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Psions are that which Psions are for life is that which life is.

Truth is the only source for free energy.
Patterns are patterns because of how they make use of information to define energy.

I am a psionist and general pain-in-the-ass-to-understand. This humorously speaking and literal all too often. If I don't make sense, then this is your friendly reminder to tell me to be more intuitive.

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