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Healing Using psi for healing energetic and physical wounds, ailments, and other disorders.

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Son of Light
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An offer.

I'm training my healing capabilities and if anyone would like to try a scan from me, I'd also be willing to heal them, no matter what the ailment may be, physical or otherwise.

Either PM me or message me right here, and I'd get right to it. I'm free today and most of next week so there's plenty of time that I can spare for healing.

I am a Son of Light.
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Hey Aetheryn,

Can you tell me in a few word what is scanning, I am really interested in this.
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Getting info on someone through non pehywcal senses
Want to find out?????? Scan me B-)
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Awkward Pineapple
Awkward Pineapple
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I'd like to be scanned please, if it's not a bother.
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Pat McDonald
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Rules - PMs only.

If somebody just posts what they "feel" it will influence people coming to the page, reading the replies, and then offering an opinion.

"Free response", ideally when you don't know anything about the event / person / place / phenomenon for which information is desired, is very strongly recommended.

The less you know, the less your conscious mind tries to analyze information it receives.

Some people are naturally gifted at this, but you can receive training, or even self train.

The formal scientific approach is called Remote Viewing. Which is a terrible stereotype, as visual information is very often inaccurate, certainly in beginners. I would strongly recommend Controlled Remote Viewing as a formal approach, although there are many different styles of methodology.

I am happier calling the whole thing "FarSense". Remote perception without regard to distance, shielding, or time.

Recommended sites for learning and practise (free).

I was completely convinced this phenomena could never happen and was a New Age fantasy, so to prove that, I tried it.

Wow, was I surprised. :)

Oh yes, formal research link (for those who insist on a little science). <- Formally Stanford Research Institute, also check out Princeton Engineering Anomoly Research or PEAR...
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