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Healing Using psi for healing energetic and physical wounds, ailments, and other disorders.

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Pat McDonald
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Frost nip remedy... partly psionic effect?

Last winter I ended up hitchhiking a load in a blizzard, partway to Newcastle from Nottingham in the UK. I didn't take gloves and contracted a case of frost nip in the fingers, lack of sensation. Not serious condition but not helpful.

I seemed to have been cured of that yesterday by a bizarre set of freak chances, so I'll just list what happened.

First off, it was a very warm, sunny day, with a few fluffy clouds. Quite humid, maybe 50%.

I decided to go sunbathing for part of the morning, so took a sombrero, refilled a water bottle, and went to the local park. On the way, I passed an official for a women only 10K road race, who explained that the event was running around the park. So, I explained how I normally get suckered into applauding road races as a spectator. Moved on, and passed the runners coming the other way on their initial lap.

I didn't stop, but did offer words of encouragement as it was NOT ideal running conditions and, well, I'm a nice guy? Made my way to the park, and saw that the finish line had been set up maybe 30 yards from my normal sunbathing spot.

So, I decided to walk on up to it, and stood in the shade, hat off, waiting for them to finish. I decided to clap the finishers in, as there wasn't really a crowd, just friends and family and I wanted to show some appreciation for people making the effort to run (I don't run - it's something I just don't do, and anyway, got a nasty lung problem right now to expend energy on).

So, while there, I realized that it was actually 2 races - a 5K and a 10K. One of the finishers was clearly having an NDE, so I upped my bottle of water over their head, advised them to keep breathing, talked them through it, and advised them to sip another bottle of water slowly. Afterwards they just said "Thank you" and I replied "You're welcome, girl". Freckly ginger lass, not best set for a hot road race. And she moved on to make space for the next set of finishers.

40 minutes or so (felt like 3 hours) later, after clapping non-stop, offering directions to the "high as kite on endorphins" finishers to the water and shade (there were officials handing out medals but not actually pointing to where the finishers should go), I winced a bit, stopped clapping, and offered some final words of respect to the final girl, who was REALLY shy about actually finishing. "Hats off to you girl - respect due to YOU" I said.

And guess what? All that hand pounding seemed to have neutralized the circulation and nerve damage. My hands feel normally again!

The cadence I was clapping was about 3-4 claps a second, delta rate. If you've ever watched the "Karate Kid 2" movie, about that speed.

Strange. Possibly natural, possibly just huge amounts of feminine energy offered by zonked out female atheletes at a guy who was willing to show respect to them for being athletic. Maybe a mix of both, but I'm a happier guy for showing some respect to people that honestly EARNED it. This was the event...
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