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Pat McDonald
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No longer part of the APP

In case any of you have been following my precog research, I have been formally notified that I am no longer part of the Advanced Precognition Project.

I will continue my research with a view to making it open source and available to all.

I thought it best to give everyone here a "heads up" in case they headed over to the APP and said "yeah I know Pat" because it's not going to make you any friends with them currently.

I reckon current situation will blow over in a couple years, but they're really not happy about me, and I caught at least one of them holding back predictions.

That wasn't the deal, we were all supposed to share. Didn't happen.

Their could be other skull duggery gong on with them but I have no solid proof of that, just a lot of strange coincidences.

Hopefully we'll all kiss and make up later.
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