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Parenting and Children Discuss raising psi-active children, psi-related activities for kids, and more.

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REPOST: odd occurance

My son takes apart anything I put near him..... so I am incapable of performing Healing on him.... the most I can do as it is, is to focus healing energies in his general direction.... which works... but isn't very effective....

to explain... anything I extend toward him.... be it a construct.... a probe... or even a flow of energy.... he reaches out and where he touches whatever it is..... it depatternizes.....

Any suggestions?
Winged Wolf:
that's really interesting...have you tried a shielded probe?


what does he do with the energy after it is depatternized?

Yes, it seems as if the shield is taken apart in the same manner in everything else.

Once it is taken apart..... mostly he lets it dissapate, i'm not sure if he knows what to do with it. Some of the raw energy is absorbed........ although i am unsure as to wether this is intentional or not.

Have you had anyone else try to send a construct near him to see what happens?

It could just be you causing all of this to happen, out of your own subconscious desire to protect him... or something :-? Not that it has to make sense to you consciously.

This is really interesting though if it actually is your son depatternizing your stuff. Let us know how it goes.

Have you tried seriously hardening the things, like... I dunno, best I can describe it is combat shelling. Something you're confident someone with decent skill could not take apart?

Winged Wolf:
Or the 'teflon' trick, designed to thwart link attachments, that might work.
I am noting a trend, psi activity in infants which goes dormant, then re-awakens later. This seems to be a natural developmental cycle.

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curious and intellegent children like to take things apart. Many non-psi children mechanically disect toys, radios, computers, all the dishes in the cabinet, all the toilet paper off a roll, ETC. Its how they learn about how things are put together. Put this in that category.
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Wow that sounds pretty strange. I agree with Amaya, he may just be a natural psion learning about it by taking it all apart. Sounds like a reasonable explanation.

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i'd think that if he's taking them apart to learn, if you send the same construct repeatedly to him, sooner or later he may get bored and leave it alone... if he's constantly doing so even if it's not that he's curious how it's made, he might be unique like that.
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