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Parenting and Children Discuss raising psi-active children, psi-related activities for kids, and more.

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Teeth grinding and sleep walking.

Hi, My son is 7 years old. He grinds his teeth while sleeping. He had this habit since he was 2 or 3. I ignored this because I thought he would outgrow this gradually but he didnít. Lately, he's been suffering from earaches. We consulted a physician in Oshawa and he told me that this is because of his teeth grinding habit. Iím getting concerned over this. I bought him teeth grinding mouth guard yesterday. I hope this helps. His teeth have worn and damaged because of this. Iím planning to take him to a dentist in our province. His upper front teeth have worn out and become similar length. Instead of having round contours, his teeth have flattened biting edges. His teeth have become misaligned and weak. What are the possible ways to get rid of bruxism? If he stops his teeth grinding habit, would the symptoms go away? Kindly share your views.
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He grinds his teeth because his dreams are disturbed. This is not unusual in children.

A dream catcher in the window of your child, is a very old American device to catch nightmares and burn them up when the dawn light hits the dreamcatcher.

Sleeping overnight with a slice of garlic in the ear can remove infection, but I think he's getting a lot of sugar, leading to dental problems.

So, look at the alternatives to sugar, and try to get him hooked on sweet slices of fruit for desert.

It's not easy with kids, but I almost never had sugar in drinks until I was an adult. Now I'm paying for a lifetime for sugar abuse and my dentist is basically doing a rear guard action to try to keep what teeth I have left, intact.

Got some additional help with that, but it's very very personal and I will not discuss - your son is 7, I am 49. Big age difference.

Prevention is better than cure, and regular oral hygeine (sea salt is good alternative to tooth paste) is very important. Low sodium salt is good too, make sure gargle and rinse, get the stuff between the gaps, make sure the mouth is clean before sleeping (preferably after every meal but that's overkill for a child).

Fluoride does horrible things to psionic abilities. That's why the rich want the poor to use fluoride only in toothpaste. Sure, it helps prevent tooth decay, but the side effects are completely at right angles to psionics, in my experience anyway.
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