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Plants and Psi - Take 2

Okay, so, i've got it in my head to do this experiment again to collect some additional statistics to round out my results...

however, i'm thinking of doing this a little different. i'm trying to get ahold of a couple chunks of orgonite (since i have seen results that have piqued my interests.) as well as hopefully providing a better spectrum of light (since the last experiment, though it did provide me with some good stats was limited in the light i was able to provide.)

aim is for tomatoes, of course, since i know that i can grow them (though, sadly, i didn't get last experiment to provide fruits to taste test.) i have already pre-selected the strain (going for an heirloom by the name of "tiny tim" which is a cherry tomato and is being selected because it grows short... given the space i have available, i may not be able to provide enough space for a full size tomato strain such as the campari's like last time and also to avoid any issues since the seeds i had weren't an heirloom variety.)

though, i'm thinking of using four groups this time if i can which are as follows.

1. straight up control group.
2. daily charging
3. orgonite chunk, no charging
4. orgonite chunk with charging.

the aim is to determine wether there will be a positive effect and which effect has the strongest. also, i want to determine what effect would be had with the two different energies in tandem.

now, thing is, i have to find a place to grab some orgonite. sadly, i don't have the materials to make it and most places have been charging exhorbitant prices. if anyone has a couple (hopefully identical in size, shape and composition) that they would be willing to part with i can compensate you for them though i can't afford too much.

the time line for this will be one month in duration. i will germinate and sprout groups of four each (well, i'll germinate probably a lot more than that so that i can get a good selection of tomatoes) the water will be measured and the lighting will be on a timer (i cannot rely on the sun for this since i would not have the space to isolate them properly and there would be too many variables in intensity. yes i accept that the plants may not be as healthy with artificial lighting but i want to measure the growth rate mainly. if they produce, well, all the better.) this way i can prevent a bias in the results.

if, however, i am completely unable to get some orgonite, i'll just go with the psi again. going to aim for about a month before this goes full bore (and if all works out, i might even be able to take some clones for the garden outside when it's time to plant :P)

though, while doing some further research, i'm looking for some orgonite that is not made with aluminum. i've heard that those easily turn into bad mojo... and since there are stories about that, i want to avoid that particular risk.

when completed, results will be available to whomever asks upon completion and i hope to keep up regular updates.

oh, and in case i forgot to post the last results, the previous experiment yielded about a 1-2 inch difference on average between the psi and non-psi groups... sadly, none of them made it into the garden... too early to plant them... that's why i'm aiming to take clones from the best group this time.) and before anyone says anything, yes, i am also interested in obtaining some orgone to have some on hand also once the experiment is done. (i have some other ideas as well... might consider putting one in the strawberry patch we have going or maybe even next years potato or jalepeno patch... mmmm, jalepenos! :9)
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So you're gonna put psi into these plants?
Godd luck with it.
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Pat McDonald
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Assuming this page is correct in the composition of orgonite;-

Then this youtube video shows a similar device, a "geode reactor", and how to make it;-

I have no idea if they are the same. However, I would precognitively guess that 4 will give the largest plant growth and 2 will give the tastiest tomatoes (assuming that you manage to get fruit from the plants).
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