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Humor and Games Humor should be psi or paranormal related, and acceptable for minors to view. Quizzes, random polls, "blog things", flash games, etc, also allowed, any topic, but PG-13 please.

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Cool PSI Town

A while ago someone brought up the topic of a town for psions, (I think it was WW but I don't remember) so I thought maybe we could make a little game of it (because I don't see it really happening any time soon.) Here we go:
In PSI town:
Where in town would you live?
What kind of occupation would you have?
who would you choose for your neighbors/roommates?
How would you use your psionic skills to benefit the town?
Pretty much in an completely openly psionic town, how would you live your life?
~The difference between good and evil is not the power or ability you have... but how you use it!~
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Id live in the rich sector of town and I would be a business man.
I would have no one as a room mate as everyone would be appalled by my day to day activities.
I would not use my psionic powers to benefit my town, instead I would use it to enrich my materialistic life.

Teehhe just kidding, enjoy your game
“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”
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Old 12-07-2011, 04:06 PM   #3
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I would live in a cardboard box behind WalMart and growl at children when they come near.
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I would attempt to slowly train myself and enter the underground illegal psi-fighting ring while living under the cover of a completely mundane and average life.
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I'd be the nutty healer who's always trying to find ways to do the "impossible" for example I'd have an ongoing attempt to produce the philosopher's stone.
Wisdom is a circle what you receive you must also give back in due proportion and the measure by which you give back is also returned to you in due proportion.

The biggest illusion in reality is that reality itself is an illusion. Reality itself is in fact not an illusion that is why we obey it's rules not the other way around.
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