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The immortal
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Wink make yourself a more effective psi user

i originally got the idea from a thread on here that said putting magnets on peoples third eye made them think faster (didnt read all of it because im lazy) but anyways what you do is tie a bandana with those magnet things that u do tricks with cant remember what they are called but they are availible like everywhere anyways what you do is you take the bandana and the magnet put the magnet in the middle after the bandana is folded fold it into a triangle then take one of the sides and keep folding them then put them to your third eye tie it and leave it on for about an hour so far ive seen a increase in pretty much everything psi related the only side-effect ive had so far is a head ache do not do it for more than a hour because i do not know what will happen if that is done anyways have fun
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To me, putting strong magnets on your head does not sound like a very good idea.
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Pat McDonald
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It is more sensible than putting an electromagnetic on your head (extremely low frequency magnetic waves apparently interact with human beings and other life forms, allegedly with bad results and behavioural changes).

Mind you, some cultures advocate strapping holy words to your head - the Judaic/Aramaic tefilin head band is one such.

Some people actually charge hundreds of dollars for similar products;-
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I do magnetic chikung where you stand on magnets 3200 gaus and push magnetic force through the body but you have to have the right polarity under your feet on the right side or it would probably make you sick at roaring lion publishing they sell magnetic products and even head bands but on occasion I'll put the magnet plates under my bed where my heart and head are it helps keep magnetic energy circulating through my body while I rest but if you're going to put a magnet on your third eye get one from roaring lion because you have to put the right side on the head or you can cause damage another words right polarity they sell bandanas too.It is not a bad idea but you may be putting the wrong side to your head hope that helps.
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Old 08-03-2012, 03:48 AM   #5
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In a science mag article I read where they introduce strong magnets to the brain. Successful in reducing cognitive function.
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hmmmm. Interesting idea but I don't think that I will strap magnets on my head. Its not very socially acceptable and I wonder how amplified things would be even with the magnets on
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Old 08-06-2012, 10:25 PM   #7
the philosopher
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well, strapping magnets to your head doesn't sound somewhat dangerous considering the fact that your brain is a big electro-neuro receptor at all.

magnets are also magic. How the Fk do they work?
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That's a good video like it insane clown posse right thanks for the video just chilling out watching olympics USA basketball smash them Argentina boys go gold I can't do pk but I can make them miss shots by controlling their body through nervous system but I don't cheat.
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Masupups The Unfeasible
Dormant Psi
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I've only got theories on magnetic interference and its effects on Psi. Aside from those, there's the Psi generator using various waves (I think it was magnetic and electrostatic?). Might explain the enhancements on the mind and nervous system magnets can introduce.

Gavin beat me to the magnets joke. Damn. Still got one though!
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Great Soul
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Michelle Belanger in a book called the Psychic Energy Codex describes something similar. The metal you put on your forehead may not matter, I am inclined to say don't with magnets, but the conductiveness of the metal might help with astral projection.

The technique recommended by Michelle Belanger is to put a penny in the center of your forehead, close your eyes, and imagine the penny as a red doorway.

Walk through the red door and then poof you are in astral.
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