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"Magic by definition is irrational"

An interesting piece. I am linking to the text which is a faster to read than hearing him talk for 2 hours as he usually does with no transcript.

Magic by definition is irrational, and thus cannot exist in the objective, empirical universe. Therefore it must exist within the mind, which unlike reality is capable of error, delusion, fantasy and superstition. Irrational people generally project their craziness into the people around them – and the world they live in, and thus cannot be cured of their illusions, since their madness has become “physics” and “human nature.” In stories, magic always escalates because madness – itself a pathological story – always escalates, as a hysterical pushback against a stubbornly rational universe. Like a woman screaming at an indifferent man, hoarseness, tears and assault are the inevitable eruption. Reality is Rhett Butler to the Scarlet of madness – “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Magic in stories is always and forever a metaphor for madness; it stands for psychosis and delusion and the violence that inevitably results when madness is challenged by prosaic reality. “Harry Potter,” for instance, is the story of a violent and psychotic young boy who ends up in a mental institution – called "Hogwarts" – and surrenders to his delusions of grandeur. Ditto “Star Wars..”
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Pat McDonald
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There's too many assumptions and distortions within that quote for me to really comment much beyond ; "WOAH! Somebody has a big ego and likes to show off!"

I mean, you could substitute "Communism" or "Fascism" or "Capitalism" or any other belief system in the quote to replace "Magic" and it still comes over as a massive put down to a belief system they hate.

If they had a definition of "magic", they might have an argument. As they have failed to definte "magic", they just have a rant.
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But assuming you are always right always puts you in the wrong.

Because assume just makes an ass of u and me.
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I read a bulk of the link. What an empty person that must be. It's like those weird illuminati video's you find on youtube. Where someone who's spent too much time being paranoid and finds a movie with "signs" of evil occult influence. Some people just can't enjoy a movie, because that's all it is. They got to twist it around. If magick is all in our heads then we are master of mental programming. Nothing wrong with being a mind-hacker lol.
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Old 11-29-2014, 04:45 PM   #4
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Alchemy teaches something very different. It teaches the relationship between psychic energy (magic) and physical matter. It teaches that magick follows a certain set of laws of physics, and that if you know these laws it's actually not only rational it's also very precise and predictable.

Spells and enchantments are just machines, to help a person manipulate this energy.
Wisdom is a circle what you receive you must also give back in due proportion and the measure by which you give back is also returned to you in due proportion.

The biggest illusion in reality is that reality itself is an illusion. Reality itself is in fact not an illusion that is why we obey it's rules not the other way around.
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I think of magic as energy working that which is intrinsic to nature. Until human beings master psi energy working which is intrinsic to humans, then we will not be ready for magick/magic.

The guy in that link is just a slave to the fear of what will come of his failure to master what is intrinsic to him
Psionics is a relative dimension in Psychokinesis of Psions.

Words that are useful are for those; to whom that are worthy, to whom that they chose.
Psions are that which Psions are for life is that which life is.

Truth is the only source for free energy.
Patterns are patterns because of how they make use of information to define energy.

I am a psionist and general pain-in-the-ass-to-understand. This humorously speaking and literal all too often. If I don't make sense, then this is your friendly reminder to tell me to be more intuitive.
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I don't agree. Aside from the fact that magic has been practiced for thousands of years, even by Sumerians, there is a rhyme and reason for it. Words have power as well as actions. And the best way to know if it's real is to ask real wizards.
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