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Everafter Books

There is a series called the Hollows with the main character Rachel Morgan. In it she is a witch with a rare genetic disorder that normally causes death but when she was young she got gene therapy to cure it. The series is set in the near future after a military biogenic weapon kills a third of humanity by being a virus that escaped a lab and bound itself to genetically modified tomatos to spread. the history timeline is that the cold war wasn't a space race like our reality but a bioscience race between superpowers. There are two factions in the series: the interlanders made up of vampires, werewolves, witches, pixies, fairies, banshees, demons, and elves; and humans as faction 2. The two factions have equal population.

The primary supernatural forces are magic and some aura manipulation. The magic spells made of earth magic with spell components made of herbs, plants, and minerals with witch blood that has RNA based enzymes that kindle the spells when triggered. There is ley line magic which everyone can participate in within college classes. Earth magic is based on death of body and ley line magic is based on death of psyche. Demon Curses which mix earth magic and ley line magic. Elf magic that uses wild magic that use pure energy aspects that are from making aura blocks in ley lines and natural energy flows. The last is aura manipulation. The auras of the people are touch sensitive to various effects. No aura constructs but aura can be made into different forms in magic rituals like liquid or consumed by banshees. Pixies and fairies in this series have a mix of magic and aura like a hybridization of the two like certain Psi Palatium techniques. Vampires pull aura as a drink with blood as food. The aura only becomes visible in ley lines, extreme magic, or a specialized empaths who rarely mentioned.

The most fascinating part is everafter in the hollows series Everafter is a place made of time that has been folded until it superpositions maintained by ley lines and prison of demons cursed by elves who once lived there with them. Everafter is able to be held in thoughts with spindling to be used in ley line magic as a form of charging and everafter is used to form constructs made by aura triggered by thinking about words and shapes.

Reality has some if any properties of the hollows series. Everafter as a psionic technique is what I am interested in. What if temperature changes were a change in motion? Well, what about the motion of space? A person can observe space, time, light, gravity, and matter. What if time was made of space, light, gravity, and matter? Aura is made of the same components as time due to the information processing ability of units of aura called psi. Psi is time independent due to observer effect. Time and aura are made of the same stuff but aura exists at a higher degree. What if time was temperature of space and psi was temperature of information? What about everafter?

Time can be manipulated locally in area the size of a golfball by using psi stream pk to rapidly push, pull only that golfball area of space. Then push and pull that space until the psi energy seems hot, then push and pull with psi stream in a way that makes psi stream feel cold. Last rapid cycle the rate of push/pull to feel the temperature of psi energy as hot for the shortest time possible and to feel the temperature of psi energy as cold for the shortest time possible. The rapid change from hot to cold of the area and the aura at a progressively higher rate will generate superpositions between time in that space and aura in that space. These superpositions are similiar to orchestrated order of Roger Primrose but of time, not space. These superpositions generate temporal displacement and post cognition with precognition will happen when the psi stream after golfball area merges with the psion's aura. I believe this everafter is superpositions of time like orchestrated order is superpositions of space. I just described a technique to manufacture them in reality.
Psionics is a relative dimension in Psychokinesis of Psions.

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I am a psionist and general pain-in-the-ass-to-understand. This humorously speaking and literal all too often. If I don't make sense, then this is your friendly reminder to tell me to be more intuitive.

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