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Paranormal Investigations Discuss means of investigating and recording information about paranormal phenomena in the field.

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Old 05-03-2012, 02:52 AM   #1
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I have a terrible feeling

Im not sure what it is or if its anything, but for some reason I have this almost paralysing feeling that something bad is either around, going to happen, or is happening. It may be nothing but im not sure. I never get like this when its just my imagination, when it is its not nearly as prominent. Oh, and I appologise if i put it in the wrong section. any ideas?
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I think this would go under the Physical Abilities section due it be a form of precognition.

The preparedness guy at our church has had a bad feeling about this summer, and the last few times he has had such feelings, they were right. But as for myself, I have no clue, 'cause I have yet to have any type of precog happen to me.
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Pat McDonald
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"Fear is the mindkiller".

Honestly I think maybe there is something you have consciously forgotten and your unconcious is a bit annoyed with you for blanking it out.

Just my opinion. If you've done everything right, lived a blameless life, helped other people without asking or expecting help back, then what on earth should you be worried about? I'll leave it like that, I don't like prying into private affairs (at least, not here at the Guild).
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can you figure out the root of these feelings? it's been my experience that precognitive flashes tend to show what's the root, but it's not always easy to figure it out.

before doing that, however, be sure that your actual emotional state isn't what's fueling it. so, ask yourself if you're happy with your current situation(s) and if not, what you can do to rectify them. things like that... trace the emotion back to what is at it's root and try and figure out if it's a legitimate fear or not (kinda like cognitive behavioral therapy in a sense.)
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Old 05-12-2012, 05:46 AM   #5
the philosopher
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I feel like something is going to happen late july / early august. Not getting a very emotional response though, maybe a more personal difficulty for some individuals?
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that's really scary. i'll be bothered if i had those kinds of feelings. the ability to know what will happen. quite weird but really a fact.

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It sounds scary but as you said that you are having paralyzing feeling it can also be a physical disorder problem and I would suggest you consult with a doctor.
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