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Healing Using psi for healing energetic and physical wounds, ailments, and other disorders.

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Pat McDonald
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A possible cure for Motor Neurone Disease


One thing I have noticed in common with all the MND sufferers I have encountered (first one was a Mrs Harper, in childhood) - they all had extreme amounts of willpower and drive.

Could MND be a physical response to an overdemanding ego that will not accept physical limitations of the body, and so the subconcious rebels and does not permit the ego access to control of the body?

If that is the case, what would successful treatment entail?


One substance stands out as a potential treatment for MND and other nervous system disfunctions. Psilocybin, a highly potent hallucinogen that has been scientifically verified as aiding wounded nerves and nerve junctions in physical healing.

Unlike LSD, it's synthesized equivalent, psiolocybin does not degrade into strychnine, a highly poisonous substance used once as rat poision. Also, psilocybin will withstand temperatures which melt lead, let alone boiling point.

Psilocybin occurs naturally around the world in various fungi and I think cacti. I understand the best concentrations occur in the Thai white mushroom, although as the natural habit of that fungus is continually shrinking, that might not be the easiest or most sustainable source for medical quality psilocybin.

This document will not delve into either the legality or method of extraction. Such details can be gleaned elsewhere, such as

The major hurdle in using this substance medically. Tiny quanitites, difficult to measure, are required. Intravenous injection is not an option, the substance will clog even a fine hypodermic needle.

Oral ingestion (eating) is also problematic, from a measured dosage point of view. Applying a liquid to food will certainly get the substance into the patient, the snag is that the effects generally last less than 3 hours, requiring more doses per day than eating provides.

The best method would likely be vapour, inhaling the substance and exhailing it via something like a nicotine vaporizer. A unit custom built to both add psiolocybin to air going in to the lungs, and remove psilocybin from air being exhaled by the patient, would be both easier to manage clinically, and also the patient would respond quicker to the treatment.


Applying a nerve curative isn't the final word - the patient's ego would also have to be retrained, in order for a cure to be effective. For a Stephn Hawking quadraplegic stage, this might require a week of hospital intensive care, 24 hours, with a psychiatric counseller available to help the patient navigate through a hazy, hallucinated experience.

After a week, it is unlikely that more psilocybin would be required, although pateint would still require intensive training, support and repatterning to regain control of their motor nerves.

I recently heard Stephen Hawking wish for a cure for MND, and I hope these ideas help that idea become real medical practice rather than a pipedream.


Pat McDonald (Nottingham, UK)
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