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Security film

Hi guys,
I have 2 children of age 8 years and 10 years. Since both of them wishes to have a comfortable night sleep, they switch on the Ac during their bedtime. Even if it's too cold also, they need AC. Has anyone over here installed security films to reduce the AC bills? If so, did it meet your expectations? Will it affect the overall appearance of the house? I have a plan to install residential security film to all the windows. But before I go with the expensive project, I just want to try it with few windows. Any idea on the expense? My question is whether the security film can be applied to any type of window?
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Yet another "click me for malware" post.

Don't you ever give up? This is really getting old, why not find another outlet for your obsessive compulsive disorder, for instance voting Republican or joining the National Rifle Association? :)

To answer your question without any clicking, "security film" is just a strip of conductive material, typically aluminum/aluminium foil.

If the strip is broken by say, the window being broken, then the strip is not electrically conductive anymore and this can be detected by an electronic alarm monitor.

So whether it sticks to a window pane depends on what kind of adhesive is used to stick it to the window pane.

Common or garden superglue and some baking foil cut to size does the job just as good.

A more exotic adhesive would be necessary for an extreme environment, like desert, rain forest, frozen wasteland or off planet vacuum.
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