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Thumb sucking - Need advice

My daughter is 6 years old. Till now she is continuing her habit of thumb sucking. I tried a lot and even scolded her to change this habit. But she never minded. Two of her baby teeth had fallen off few months before and now two permanent teeth have erupted. I noticed that both of the teeth are not aligned properly and there is a huge gap between both of them. Her friends used to make fun of her teeth. So she is embarrassed to go to school.

I am planning to take her to a dental clinic in Kitchener. This is her first dental visit. But she is afraid to visit a dentist because her friends told that the dentist will pull out her teeth. I have no idea how to take her to the dentist. Can anyone share some idea about how to convince her for her first visit to the dentist? Thanking you in advance.
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Pat McDonald
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First off, the thumb sucking and chewing action. It's basically a regression and sublimation of breast feeding - instead of your nipple, she gets a similar feedback from sucking a thumb.

Later on, this can sublimate in other ways, like smoking - same root cause, person wants comfort from chewing. As a kid I was often munching bits of paper and cardboard... never mind me.

Ee by gum - gum. Dental gum for a start, to try to get over the idea to your daughter that she has already had some minor damage so it needs healing. Children and parents often have the daft idea that they are invincible and invulnerable. OK, not in class. But if she has a pack or two on her every day, she can share and make new friends (you might want to make a big bulk order from a wholesaler to save on costs, after working out what flavours she doesn't like with a few small purchases).

Actually, if it's sugar free gum, that's OK, but I am very wary of aspartame - it interferes with my psionic functioning. Probably why it's so cheap and available. It won't rot her teeth, but there are other problems along the way.

Disposing of the chewed gum teaches her about getting rid of used rubbish and garbage properly. That will help later.

Then, talk to her about medical procedures. Little girls are often drawn to the nursing profession in "let's pretend" games. Nursing is about being feminine and caring, but that doesn't always mean being girly and shy - sometimes nurses get attacked or struck by patients in pain.

Obviously, your daughter has experienced pain already, both physical and bullying, so that isn't a new concept to her. Medical treatment and responsible behaviour are the concepts you are trying to inform her about.

OK, next get some ideas on teeth brushing and grooming, dental care. You might need some of that for yourself.

I find sea salt the best all around mouth cleanser. A drop or two of tea tree oil, with water, makes a very fine mouthwash when I get an ulcer (rare now but anyone can scratch their tongue with their teeth).

Are you there? Right, NOW you've built up the confidence, in yourself and your child, to start talking about dental treatment.

In my childhood, sugar was a luxury reserved for fussy visitors, to make them feel welcome.

OK, occasionally in a coffee too. We drink tea here, mostly.

It's your own bloody fault for the Boston tea party. <- Joke, the UK chose the sugar producing Caribbean Islands rather than continuing to butcher Americans to keep what became the USA as British.

The bottom line about educating her about dental treatment - it CAN hurt. But the idea is to fix things up, so that her teeth don't hurt, they don't look like British teeth (it's true, British teeth are usually much uglier than American teeth) and that gives her confidence to do well in school and in later life.

Really, you are educating her about FIXING things when they are broken or damaged. That's a skill set that is ALWAYS in demand from people with broken stuff - so, if she likes fixing things, it could set her up to fix teeth, or cars, or furniture.

Or people, if she wants to do the mind stuff and learn about psychiatry, psychology, and maybe psionics (the first 2 groups hate psions, but that's a different story).
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