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Spirituality This is where unscientific (i.e. can't be observed or tested) threads should go. Religion, Otherkin, and other faith-based topics may be included here. Keep posts respectful, or the threads will be locked.

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Soul Binding 2 - Object?

See this post first:

Now, if you bound your soul to an object in the physical, your soul, therefore your consciousness, would remain in the physical after bodily death.

How do you bind a soul?
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Golden Psi
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I'm not really sure that it's feasible. Some people believe that the astral body, or its like, is or is part of the soul. If that is the case, then it is the "silver cord" that anchors it to the body. Therefore you would have find a way to reproduce it and anchor the body to the object with it.

Complications with such an idea would be anchoring the soul before it escapes, or if the soul can ever really have two anchors. Also to keep in mind, might this cause a miserable existence for the consciousness? Something like this shouldn't really be taken lightly, you could easily do major harm.
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The soul's consciousness is played through the body just as well as the body is played through the soul. Poking a hole in the brain, messing up the body with drugs, or plainly hitting your head into a wall can affect the consciousness for the rest of this life. Miracles in medicine or eventually starting life over (If there is such a thing) will probably the best way to fix the damages stupidly done.....So why be connected through an unless object?

Why attach to rocks and air? Connected to a sword might sound cool, expect the object can't exactly have the conditions to think. Individuals will summit to the conditions of the environment (More than we already are with our frail human bodies) ...Literally this scenario is a mindless existence in inanimate objects. Unless the soul can give meaning to a object; which isn't entirely true.

Program energy into the objects rather than subdue to a terrible prison. The human body already sucks, don't make it worst!
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on a journey.
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so, in essence you're seeking immortality?

that's not possible at this particular stage of life.
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Actually immortality is feasible, but it would involve lots of stem cells and cross-species genetics (turning ourselves into GMOs); something that would turn a lot of people off.
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psi seeker 34
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I've seen objects that contained a knowledge database of sorts and I've seen sentient constructs. I'd say it is possible but VERY evil to develop to the point where it would be useful considering you'd need test subjects most likely unwilling ones who you'd have to either find dying or kill. Even so you'd have a very crappy life if you're bound to an inanimate object.
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