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Mental Abilities Sensing and affecting thoughts, emotions, nervous system impulses, and instincts.

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Originally Posted by Pat McDonald View Post

You don't NEED to use force - just a drain and a suggestion. If you go around forcing people then you can very often get negative energy back. Or a punch on the nose or similar retaliation.
But why would they physically attack you for using psi? Most of them probably wouldn't know about or believe in psi, and they can't prove you did anything.
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Originally Posted by Constructman View Post
That's exactly what I try to do: I try to control people's thoughts while making them belive"black"]believe[/COLOR] that those thoughts are their own. It hasn't really been working (BECAUSE I'M A FAIL PSION), though maybe it's for the best; my intentions seem to start going into 1984 material (ever read the book by George Orwell?)
Well, same here. I'm fairly proficient with telepathic suggestion and have been trying to get people to do my bidding.
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Pat McDonald
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Originally Posted by Spymaster1 View Post
But why would they physically attack you for using psi? Most of them probably wouldn't know about or believe in psi, and they can't prove you did anything.
I've been "physically attacked for no good reason" since the school playground. And while it does not happen very often anymore it still happens.

Perhaps the reason was my use of my mind or perhaps they just didn't like a smart arse. Or perhaps the think that a pre-emptive strike is best for a big bastard like myself.

You are asking me to justify why people hit me. I don't know or care anymore. I just make sure when it happens that they get hit back twice as hard, by fair means or foul. You really should ask them - and of course, they are unlikely to give you a straight answer.

Sorry, this "meek shall inherit the earth" bullshit is for people that like to get buried. I'm tired of that crap. I've seen too many good and meek people get smashed to death by moronic thugs to buy that bullshit anymore, OK?
Beware virii that hide in signatures. Nasty, nasty hackers out there. Usually they appear in Personal Messages, not on a forum.

You think I don't know. Well, maybe you're wrong. Maybe I'm wrong.

But assuming you are always right always puts you in the wrong.

Because assume just makes an ass of u and me.

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Wilder Napalm
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First, I would ask myself:

Do I really even care if these kids don't want to listen? If they fail, that's on them. Really analyze your motivations for wanting to direct this change. I personally would just create a situation that gets them kicked out of class. Remove the tumor and the body(student) can function properly.

Make sure that your field is strong BEFORE you enter class. The energies of other people can tend to make us more "irritable". You may have holes in your field.

I would spend more time outdoors and away from computer screens as they have powerful emf's that can disrupt your field. Ground and center. When your field is strong, the unwanted energies of others will just bounce off of you. Keep a double terminated quartz crystal on you; this will help keep your field strong and protect your from the fluorescent lights. Fluorite is another good one for EMF protection. A bath with baking soda and salt will help cleanse any dirt off your field as well.

Many different ways to approach this:

1) You can augment the teachers energy field to make it stronger. This can be done telepathically and/or energetically.

2) I think it's much better to make a construct/thoughtform that radiates the desired energy that you want to induce in your classmates energy fields. ie If you want classmates to be more kind to each other, then create a construct that radiates that kind of energy. This way, once you create the thoughtform and see that the ffects are waning, you can just pump more energy into to start it up again. Has to be filled with tranquilizing feelings and feelings of falling asleep and concepts of paying attention, etc. You can attach it to the main offenders desk.

3) You could also put up a screen shield between your self and the offending parties programmed to reflect and negative energies directed toward you.

4) If you're able to, remote influence over a period of time will do the trick.

5) Close proximity telepathic influence can be time consuming since it's an active process, hence the thoughtform that will work for whatever duration you desire. It'll free up your attention so you can pay attention.

6) You can make everyone think the leader stinks ( yes, it can be done and it's hilarious!!)

7) You can distract the leader with specific telepathically projected imagery. Falls under the heading of close proximity projections.

You can psychically smack the leader of the crew in the face or blast 'em in the nose everytime they have a mini tourettes outburst. Eventually, their subconscious mind will connect the discomfort with the undesirable behavior and not do it anymore.

Finally, make sure your target is NOT a psi, otherwise you may have a problem on your hands. Wouldn't hurt to scan them first for psi abilities.

Best Of Luck!!

Wilder Napalm
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