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Physical Abilities Sensing and affecting known energies and matter, gravity, momentum, magnetism, and time. Precognition, PK, Distance-Viewing, etc.

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Yes, but I have never witnessed it 28 73.68%
No, Humans just have a deep facination with it 4 10.53%
Yes, I have witnessed it or levitated myself 6 15.79%
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Originally Posted by Predator Phoenix View Post at age of 18 i have more power, but cant use it as easly as i once could.
Can you be more specific? How do you know you have more power if you can't use it? I'm curious, because I'm starting from zero apparent power base, and I would like to know if the power's there and just not able to be used for whatever reason, or if it's not there and needs to be developed.
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Golden Psi
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It's kind of like having more energy, but being unable to manifest it well. I'll use a bad analogy to illustrate my point:

Say you have a puddle, this is your energy. You can move the water around at will, doing whatever you want. Over the years, it becomes a large reservoir with a dam, but you have no idea how to operate it, and so water cannot flow. Thus, your ability is more sporadic.
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I chose "yes, but not witnessed" because while I've seen larger objects be moved with PK, and smaller ones be thrown around, I've never seen someone suspend an object or themselves in the air, which seems to be what is being asked about. Yet, I don't see why it couldn't be done, potentially, given enough force and control. Although, I doubt it would be for any great length of time.

I'm not convinced that beliefs have much to do with PK, other than to stop people from trying to use it or fully applying themselves to practicing it. People believe all sorts of things - which turn out later to be wrong; including fully expecting to be able to do some particular thing (whether psionic or not). Holding a belief doesn't change reality. It can affect your confidence, but as far as being the underlying mechanism: I don't see how it would work.

As a further example, some people use psi abilities instinctively whilst consciously denying the existence of the same. This tends to be the case more with sensing abilities than PK effects, for obvious reasons, but it's surprising what people can pass off as 'coincidence' or similar!

PK just seems to be rarer / harder than other psionic abilities. Not everyone seems to be able to get the hang of it and some that are born with it can find it hard to consciously control, even though it spontaneously or instinctively activates.

[As for 'how', I don't know. It would make sense to develop PK to the point that you can lift something up and hold it there. Or, to try to use the Gravity ability mentioned on the site. Psi abilities charts: How to Trigger Abilities: Those might help with the latter.]
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