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Newbie Questions This forum is for new members (or anyone, really) to ask "beginner" questions about anything psi-related.

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Question Is it possible to be inert?

Ever since i've begun this practice, i've felt the negative symptoms (tinnitus, headaches, abnormal sleeping patterns) with no show for progress.

Now, my mother was a pagan (note: WAS), and that's just about the only family connections to the 'metaphysical' or 'parapsychic' workings.

I've recently done a complete personality swap to align with this new lifestyle (if you'd call it that), and that's made me much happier, so i suppose it's worked for the one thing i didn't need it for (or maybe i did, who knows?).

__________________________________________________ ____________

Now to the real point of this post; i'm incapable of actually doing much of anything.

I've tried at psi-balls, i've tried at tulpamancy (which only worked for one word, so i doubt it worked at all), i've tried sigillamancy and most importantly i meditate in some way every day.

I'm probably just doing something wrong, but idk, it feels like the universe doesn't want me to work.
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Pat McDonald
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The short answer is no. Even at absolute zero degrees Kelvin, there is still some oscillation and movement of particles present.

The long answer is, so long as you are inert enough for whatever you are doing, and can complete the task in hand without being distracted, then not being able to be completely "inert" doesn't matter.
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