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Possible giesting?

Earlier, i was in the shower, and i was pretty damn relaxed (time skipping, basically) when i decided to make a psiball. Well, i started getting the familiar feeling in my hands, indicating something was going on energywise, so i kept going, when i was interrupted by a soap bottle hitting me in the face. fun
i like to complain, it's the journalist side in me
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Pat McDonald
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Yeah, that's the way it goes sometimes, I think the hole in my front garden might be down to the mechanical diggers ploughing up the ground 6 feet from my gable wall. That's just some disturbed dirt and lawns come back pretty quick (it's a very SMALL patch of gaden, so it's really just a couple square yards of area).

Fun sometimes. Not always mechanical diggers, perhaps sometimes it's things like dust devils, air spirits, or departed spirits that are disturbed?

Hard to be sure exactly what sometimes. Can be freaky as hell.
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