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Introductions Introduce yourself--tell a bit about yourself, and your interests. Do try to make it more interesting than just "hi, I'm here". ;)

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Ariel is an unknown quantity at this point
New here, long time (amateur and largely unknowing) psi user

Hey, all. I go by Ariel, although that's not my real name.

I'm in my 20's and finishing up grad school for physics (specifically, materials research). So you can imagine that I have very few people to talk to about this sort of thing. I approached some friends before but I have been overwhelmed by the flat-out closed mindedness I've encountered in my field, even when pointing to published research. So I keep quiet about it now.

I've had numerous experiences with telepathy and intention (sort of an agnostic version of prayer, although I'm not sure what it should be called), and sort of developed my own method of using it before I knew any of this existed. PK was always my dream ability, but I never was able to get _anything_ to happen by simple experimentation. Still haven't had much luck there at the moment.

I've known about telepathy since my teens and known about psionics for a few months. The book that really sent me down the rabbit hole and led me here was "ESP Experiments on LSD 25 and Psilocybin" which was the first instance I saw of published work on this. I do use psychedelics, although it's mostly for introspection and clearing my head. I've found them generally ineffective for using psionics, although they may give me new insight into the concepts by letting me see what I'm doing from a different angle. Reading the book led me to the site psiwiki and I've been experimenting based on the articles I read, but I'm starting to hit dead ends and could benefit from talking to experts. A problem is that my field of study is very mentally demanding and often leaves me too drained to use these abilities. So one of my priorities is to learn how to recharge myself.

I am very interested in learning more and got a good impression from looking through some posts. I anticipate that I'll lurk for a bit as I get a feel for the forum, but I have much to learn and am very eager to do so. Look forward to learning from you all.
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Pat McDonald
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Welcome to the Guild. Hope you find the place useful.

There's a ton of posts here, but it's very quiet for visitors. I usually pop by once every couple days to give some kind of opinion.

My advice is to treat everything with a pinch of salt and be an honest sceptic - don't judge until the evidence emerges. Which is an approach that is hard work and so alien to most people.

The good news is that mental abilities are accepted in places outside of the USA and the UK, but sadly most scientists on the West would rather accept the word of psychologists and psychiatrists, even though those groups don't use science and rely on observation and opinion based on cultural mores.

Hope you find this guy of some use, he is one of the honest sceptics...
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