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Vamp hag attack

Vampire hag attack
I am a relatively newly awakend vampire i had been attacked by someoneawhile ago, to make a long story short, there was damage done energy channel collaps and energy attacks in the night sleep paralysis i was no match for this guy. but then i wen t to a shaman who severed the links and i managed to break free. now heres the problem, i ran into the same guy again he is friend of a friend and this time he was much more covert in attaching links but he did it, i was able to defend myself for the most part but he still tries to use long distance mesmerism, feels like waves of energy that imoblilse prey and, and sleep paralysis to feed off of my fear or watever. my fear is in check but i would like to know how to sever these links myself because someone did it for me b4 and i could see him again but whats to stop me from running into dude again. maybe someone can make a joint effort with me i also have no1 to practice with but anyways i have not fully recovered from the first attack nd i just hope someone on here can help
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how did it go

I totally got the impression that the vamp hag had been Psi Nuked. How are things?
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Umm my shielding skills r getting better nd the attacks have stopped I get the sense that he realizes I'm not the scared newbie I used to be so he lost Interest
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