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I know good and well that Faraday cages,electrical shielding,and radiation shielding do not have any effect on psychic abilities.

The only nonpsychic substance which has any effect on psychic energy is the type of plastic that cutting boards are made of. HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) it noticeably reduces the flow of psychic energy through it, the only catch is psychic energy can easily go around objects.

The combination between concrete and stainless steel with a layer of plastic in between was more effective than that, but it was over a foot thick.
Wisdom is a circle what you receive you must also give back in due proportion and the measure by which you give back is also returned to you in due proportion.

The biggest illusion in reality is that reality itself is an illusion. Reality itself is in fact not an illusion that is why we obey it's rules not the other way around.
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