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Newbie Questions This forum is for new members (or anyone, really) to ask "beginner" questions about anything psi-related.

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I could make this a very long and detailed post but I'll try and make it short and sweet for one as I'm doing it on my phone not a real keyboard so please excuse zero punctuation. I have always been able to sense what others are feeling or even what they will feel in a situation I often run in my head trying to figure out what to say or how to deal with people on an everyday basis is really hard for me. I can't deal with people's direct emotions on top of my own (am I crazy?) I just found you guys and am really excited as I've always done some of these things I have read in say the training instinctively like psi balls I never heard that term it was just something I naturally did when I had free time. Anyway I am rambling my main goal is ,is there anything I can learn to help me interact with people and not be overwhelmed by their feelings or energy I read about shielding and while I found it was not to hard to replicate I suddenly felt alone in a void ..and that's not fun either thanks in advance .
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Heya, something that helped me was to make a shield that filtered input instead of blocking it completely. Like visualize having controls like a soundboard--you can turn individual frequencies or people up or down in volume, or turn the volume down on everything. Or mute particular things but leave other stuff unchanged. Having an emergency "mute everything" button is helpful too.

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