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Radionic, Psychotronic, and Psionic Devices Discuss devices intended to aid the use of psi and produce psi effects.

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Blaster Project Currently In Progress (pics/explanation) Seeking C&C

Hi All,

Here is a device concept I've been working on and have mentioned, in passing, in years past:

Yes, that link will take you to the image of the core unit.

The basic idea is as follows:

Power Source:
- self replenishing ionic power source. Basically, a burned-in capacitor, which regenerates its ionic charge continually. It is made of 100% beeswax, which has been formed into the energy unit. Look up static motors and beeswax capacitance to learn how to create this power core.
- two 1/4" copper tubes serving as the electrodes, during the core's creation, which remain embedded. They serve to conduct the charge from the core and retain a static field charge.
- 1-4 mobius coils, linked in serial along the length of the 1/4" copper tubes.
- Copper tube to hold the entire assembly
- Copper endcap to seal the beeswax end, leaving a single opening on the "business" end.

- The mobius coils are wither shorted, or are hooked up to the two electrodes. If hooked up, they will generate a slight undulating field, in time with the generation capacity of the power core. Note, if the power core was created in high voltage mode, it might cause the coil to short and/or burn out. The coils could also be hooked up to an external power source, not documented in the image.

Theory of operation:

Psionic energy can result from the interaction of charged capacitance fields and that of magnetic flux fields.

The power source is a capacitance based mechanism for generating a dc current, which will charge up the two copper tubes with opposite charges, which, if left to its own devices, will setup a static field between the two poles.

The mobius coils will react to this field momentarily, but will need to make use of external induced current to create a stronger magnetic field to generate an interaction with the internal charged field, to create an output, which the capped copper tube will output.

If power is applied to the mobius coils, through the wax power source, for instance, it will occasionally pulse and create a burst output.

If connected to an external stable/continous dc power source, it should create a single slightly undulating wave of energy, as the wax power source would undulate under exposure to the magnetic flux fields produced by the DC powered mobius coils.

If connected to a pulsed/signal power source, the mobius coils will create significantly more energetic and variable field and flux patterns, resulting in a more intense and comprehensive output.

A simple oscillator can be created with two transistors(bistable osc circuit) or through the use of a 555 timer. In both cases, a variable resister can be used to change the frequency of the signal injected into the mobius coil(s).

Expected Effect of output energy:

The expected output is that the energy emitted from the device will be a combination of disruptive scalar forms of magnetic flux energy and a stream of psionic energy, which gets generated as an interaction between the flux and the static field.

Presuming the mobius coil output power is on the same level as the wax core power source, and the wiring and insulation is sufficient for the power one wants to pump into the system, you should be able to pump in double digit watts.

Note, beeswax capacitance cores can generate voltage on par with what was used to create it. So... if you created it with a 10,000 volt capacitance field... then it will produce a 10,000(minus losses) field for the life of the core. Yes... it can be dangerous.

Other designs I'm working on employ the use of high power rare earth magnets used to induce undulating fields through mechanical sources... depending on the design.

Please, I'm open to comments and criticisms about design and expected functionality. While I'm curious about other thoughts, I'm primarily interested in how to improve the design and to catch bugs/issues/theory bugs, which I did not take into account.

The image and design notes above are minimalistic for a few reasons:
1) I suck at and do not have sufficient time to do a drafting quality rendering.
2) I'm sure someone is going to try to build this... but hey, figuring out the details is part of the fun. Like... how to create that power core. No, it's not imaginary. It's real, just not an often used type of technology, due to the obvious issues.
3) Did I mention lack of time?

Other designs I have employ other materials, like quartz, sapphire powder, orgonite(epoxy/metal matrix material)... all of which serve to diffuse the energy generated into a form more readily usable by psions.

-- ~W~
WingedPower - Writer of Psionic Things
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I have been considering about a demand for one of these recently to compare a gas heater with IR remote assignment services capacity and I'd also need your support too, so seems like I will be buying some IR lights too.
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